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Generate Schedule D data in TXF and XLS file formats

Import matched or individual trades from Excel or CSV formats

Match up stock and options trades from individual transactions

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Do You Know Where Your Schedule D Is ?

Tax Time Blues ?
Are you dreading tax time because of 100+ stock and options trades to report ?

Does your tax preparation software only import sales data from your broker ?

Do you track trades in Excel, or can you download them into XLS or CSV format ?

Do you need to generate a standard TXF file for import into your tax program ?

10 Broker Import Issues

Reduce Manual Effort
Schedule D Tax Tool is stand-alone desktop software that can dramatically reduce the manual effort of completing the Schedule D and Form 8949 federal income tax forms, which are used for reporting capital gains. Schedule D Tax Tool makes it easy to get stock and options trade data into tax preparation software.

Process Up To 25 Rows Free

Save Money On Tax Preparation
Do you spend extra money every year on the more expensive investment edition of tax preparation software ? Schedule D Tax Tool works with even the basic edition of popular tax software.

How Can I Save $40 Or More On Tax Preparation Software Each Year ?

Eliminate Broker Import Issues
Does this situation sound familiar ? You import your stock and options trades directly from your broker, only to discover that all the purchase data is missing !

No Purchase Data Imported, Now What ?

More Reliable
Do you find yourself hoping that your tax preparation software and broker website will interact as expected, and that your trade data will be imported correctly ? Schedule D Tax Tool removes the broker website dependency, and makes tax preparation more reliable and 100% compatible.

Open Solution Means Compatibility And Reliability

More Secure
Are you uneasy supplying financial institution logon credentials to your tax software ? Schedule D Tax Tool makes tax preparation more secure, because you never have to give out your username and password.

Open Solution Provides Security

Easy To Use
The Schedule D Wizard is very easy to use, and walks the user through the process of generating a TXF file. You can start with an Excel file of matched transactions, or let Schedule D Tax Tool match up individual transactions for you. The TXF file then imports directly into tax preparation software.

Wash Sales
Schedule D Tax Tool can process standard wash sales for identical securities.

What Are Standard Wash Sales ?

Active traders know all too well that preparation of Schedule D and Form 8949 can be a tedious and lengthy process. Schedule D Tax Tool allows taxpayers to shift focus to verification of data instead of manual entry.

TXF Format Solves Broker Import Issues

Costs Less Than $10
Various competitors may charge anywhere from $49 to $400 for similar products or services. Many even use annual licenses or subscriptions, making it necessary to pay full price over and over again for the same product. Others charge depending on the number of transactions.

Schedule D Tax Tool eliminates all the pricing trickery.
one-time payment, unlimited transactions, forever license


CNET Reviewers

High-quality tax tools don't always come with high prices.

Moose-Tech's Schedule D Tax Tool is a standalone tool for generating IRS Schedule D.

The description says it all: "This wizard will walk you step-by-step through the process of generating Schedule D in the TXF file format."

We configured our data layout options step by step, including selecting Type A, B, or C of Form 8949, and other selections related to columns, headers, and data. It sounds complex, and there's a lot of steps, but it's actually fairly easy - "way easy," compared to the manual method.

In the end, Schedule D Tax Tool yielded two extremely useful files, ScheduleD.txf and ScheduleD.xls, ready for the accountant or our favorite tax or personal finance software.

What Do Customers Say ?
Just bought your software. Nice work.

This tool is amazing. For less than $10 you have delivered a truly polished product which is an incredible value and a major time saver. Well done !


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